Haiyang Jingfeng Sweater Co.,LTD. (Haiyang Dahua Woolens Co., Ltd.) is located at Haiyang in Shandong with Qingdao to the west, Weihai to the east, Yantai to the north and Huanghai to the south. Situated at Fengcheng Tourism Villa and founded in 1984, the company covers an area of 80mu, has 1,200 staff, 50million yuan permanent asset, and 30,000sq.m of plant area. In 1993, the company cooperated with Hong Kong Bitu Co., Ltd. to set up Yantai Fenghuangwang Wool Sweater Co., Ltd. The products are exported to foreign countries and the company is the earliest to carry out import and export business in Haiyang. 

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ADD: Fengcheng Resort, Haiyang City          TEL:0086-535-3315216          FAX:0086-535-3311160

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